No contacts returned in iOS preview

I’m new to Appgyver and am trying out its features with a test app that displays the user’s contacts in a list. This works fine in the Previewer app on an Android device, but it gets nothing returned from the “Get all contacts” flow function on an iOS device (iPhone 11, iOS 14.2). The page variable that to which I have assigned the output from this flow function is just an empty list, and no error is returned on port 2.

I’ve checked that the Previewer app has permissions to retrieve contacts (in Settings). I’ve tried attaching the debugger, but the “Get all contacts” function has “Outputs(0)”. I also tried inserting a delay (10s) after calling “Get all contacts”, but that didn’t make any difference.

Can you assist as to why I’m not able to retrieve any contacts on iOS?

I’ve attached my flow diagram:


Hi Peter! You should be able to get the contacts this way, maybe something has changed on the iOS side and thus the flow function is no longer working. I’ll report it further, thanks for pointing this out!

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Hi Mari - thanks for your response. Should I raise this as a bug, to be able to track it further?

Hi Peter, I’ve reported it so the tech team is aware of this issue. You can follow the changelog for updates.

Hi Peter,

I am using this flow for android but could not see working in appgyver preview android. Is there any other to get all contact from device.