No IOS Firebase Device Token returned (App Store Build)

All of my users with IOS phones are getting empty Device Tokens from ‘Get Firebase Device Token’ function. It works in the Preview App, but not the final build.

Is this a known issue before I submit in Bug Tracker?

Hi, this issue has been reported once before by @Jaroslav_Krajca, but this confirms it as a bug with not just the one project. Please do make a tracker ticket @JOHN_WORSHAM so we can get to the bottom of this!

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Yeah, we are having the same issue. For now I did separated two branches based on the specification Mari shared about Get token nodes. I do have an IF condition for systemVars.os and for Android I am using Get Device token and for iOS Get Firebase Device Token, so at least Android is working now and when AppGyver will do a fix on Get Firebase Device token it will be ready to fix, if that makes sense. Please, @JOHN_WORSHAM do a bug report and share it, I will be more than happy to upvote it!.

Thank you @Mari I submitted a Bug Tracker ticket.


Does the token received from “Get Device Token” flow function not work for IOS devices through Firebase? If it does I could just use that.

Please escalate this. My app depends heavily on push notifications being received and is sitting on the App store broken. Thank you.

@JOHN_WORSHAM I’ve escalated the issue, hoping we’ll have clarity soon what’s causing this. With your app did it start spontaneously or after uploading a new build to the store?

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This happened after uploading to App Store. It worked from the Preview App.

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