No longer able to assign icon for custom navigation

I’m working on creating a page header component for our application. I’m following the instructions found here: Navigation. However, whenever I get to the part where I’m suppose to bind the font_icon_name to the Icon component, I get the following error message and am unable to make the selection:

The type “icon_name” is not assignable to type “object with 2 properties”

I believe something has recently changed about the Icon component that makes these instructions obsolete. I followed these same steps just a week ago, so I decided to step back into that older component. When I go to the Icon in that component, the binding set to ‘font_icon_name’, just like the instructions indicate it should be, but AppGyver tells me the binding is incompatible.

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I’m new to AppGyver, but it looks as if the custom Navigation. feature was broken with the Icon component update version 1.0.46, which added support for Fiori & Fiori business icons. The change requires two properties to define a particular icon (set, name). The Navigation reference type property has not been updated. It still includes only a single attribute to define an icon: font_icon_name.