Non-body JSON error

I’m using appgyver with Xano. Recently I have moved over to the new SAP builds instance & have noticed that I am seeing unexpected behaviours with the data - create record block on the logic canvas.
The purpose of the logic flow is for users to add order items to an order. Very similar to adding a product to a shopping cart. A user can do this by clicking on a tile which triggers this logic flow. For one off clicks of the tile, the logic works fine. However, when repetitive clicks of the tile occur (5-10+ more clicks), the data - create record seems to trigger the second output instead of the first output. I have managed to capture the raw error which is a “non-json body” error. It seems that when the data - create record block gets overwhelmed it creates an incorrect JSON structure. I’m flagging this because prior to this in the community edition my users & myself did not come across this bug & it has quickly been noticed on the move across to SAP builds.

try workaround for that issue.