Noob question: making a client-side record from a json rest response


I’m genuinely sorry, because this is probably a noob question, but I’m trying for a very long time now to get this working and I cannot seem to accomplish it.

I’m making a httprequest to my rest backend and I get a json string returned, ex.

"msg":"This is a message",
"name":"my name",

This works, to test it, I added an alert that shows the output and it is correct.
The only thing I want to do is to create a client-side record with this response as an object so that I can show that data later on, on a different page.

What I did is, create a new client-side storage “mystorage” with the exact same parameter names as what I get returned. But somehow, I can’t figure out how to store it and retrieve the data.
I added a data > create record logic and my resourcename is the correct “mystorage”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and sorry again for what looks like a really silly question to me.

Hi, I have this jokes resource:

I create a matching local resource:

Get the joke, and then create a local record (here at the tap of a button)

The record properties are bound to the output of the “Get record” node:

Now to get the record I saved locally, I would use the Get record node with resource LocalJokes and ID “166”.

Hope this helped!

Thanks a lot, that helps. Seems my approach is completely wrong.