Not able to bind data variable from list of objects

Hi all! I’ve been trying to make a simple book barcode scanner using Google Books API as a data resource to display book information. I was able to run a test and set the schema from the response successfully. The data I would like to use from this are text properties (title, author, description etc.) nested under the “items” property. When I try to bind these data variables to a piece of text in the page layout, however, they’re not visible as options. I’m not sure why this is the case, although my best guess at this point would be that it’s because the “items” object is a “list of objects” as opposed to just being an “object”. I haven’t been able to change this without all the data under it disappearing though.

Any help resolving this would be much appreciated, and I’m happy to provide further information if necessary. Thanks.

You can either use a formula to set the desired text, or try setting the resource key to items or items.volumeInfo

Try to use the formula. Something like:


I dont know if thats the correct order, but if you type data. On the forumla editor, you should see the GoogleBooks list, and then you should see string values (or whatever type) for each of the items in the list.