Not able to connect to Debugger on andriod app

Dear team

I am not able to connect to the debugger on the appgyver mobile app. It is just showing connecting for more than 30 mins.

I have my develeper mode turned on, on the andriod phone.

How to resolve this error?

Same problem here as well. Running on Huawei P20 Pro.
(Otherwise the app works nicely :ok_hand: Super fast wireless iteration loop on a device was one of the WOW things when first trying out AppGyver)

The basic debugger connectivity infra does seem to be working (just tested also myself connecting to debugger from – we’ll dig into this! What phone are you on @deepak_nes?

Its Oppo A5 . Also I am facing issue in loading the app preview as well. Its not loading.

When you say the app preview is “not loading”, can you clarify? You are able to log in to the app and view the app listing, as well as open the settings menu (I assume so since that’s where you connect to the debugger)? What happens when you open your app? And you’re logged in with the same user account in the debugger window as on the device?

Does the same not-loading with the Preview app happen with a freshly created new project?

Yes. Its a new project. After I click open on the project, its loading forever. It was loading before I added a flow note. Now even after removing it is not loading.

Note: The preview is available on the web,