Not able to find quantity selector

We are implementing some commerce application and on the product listing, product detailing page requires quantity selector component. But, we are not able to find it market place.

Could you please suggest us! how to proceed this.

Hi there,
A simple dropdown wouldn’t be enough?
You could populate its options with formula if You have different types of quantities, e.g. package, piece etc.

I would suggest creating one with limitations based on stock (if you have stock information from a database for example) or a custom amount that is a maximum per order.

Let’s assume you have a physical product that has its physical characteristics and you can only send up to 5 pieces in one shipment.

You would create a pageVariable or appVariable depending on your structure which is a list of objects type. Give it a similar value:

MAP(GENERATE_RANGE(0, yourlimit, steps), {label: item+" piece(s)", value: item})

This you can feed to the “dropdown component” as options list.
And it would render a list of labels and values that you can use later in order processing.

Hope it helps.