Not able to publish the newly built component to market place

Not able to publish the newly built component to the market place. Always getting warning message saying. Add a short description. The short description already added to the component in edit in isolation page.

After adding the description, you need to select “Override local template” from the Advanced menu to push the changes you’ve made to the component instance to the local template.

We’re planning on improving the UX here too to make it more clear, it’s a tad confusing now!

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Thanks, @Harri_Sarsa. You suggested step works, But, still not able to publish while publishing there an error saying " An error occurred during the publishing process.

HI! I have also error when building with message “Unknown error, contact support for more details.” Could you help, please?

i had an error when building my app to android market place like “Unknown error, contact support for more details.” I need to help!

You @A_VA_Help have an incorrect keystore alias_name provided to build service. Could also be that you’ve provided the wrong keystore.

i wrote keystore alias name like “myapp-keystore”, is it right?
I did keystore file as the documentation…

Alias can be anything you write it to be when generating the keystore.

Could we solve this problem in detail in private message? Because i’m also have an error

@A_VA_Help - The issue which you are facing, is that issue about publishing the component to the market place or something else. This issue thread is related to components publish to the market place.

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I’m having this same problem. Did you ever get it to work?

Just like the user here described, I was having the same problem until I followed your directions using the “Override local template” which worked, but now, when I try to submit the component, I get this response every time:

“An error occurred during the publishing process.”

This is what I am seeing in the web browser console:

raven.js:1619 PUT 422 (Unprocessable Entity)
(anonymous) @ raven.js:1619
(anonymous) @ component_search_utils.js:1108
pushUIComponent @ component_search_utils.js:1099
p @ component_publish_modal.js:125
e.saveClick @ component_publish_modal.js:206
fn @ VM579250:4
expensiveCheckFn @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:467
callback @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:471
$eval @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:468
$apply @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:468
(anonymous) @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:471
dispatch @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:39
elemData.handle @ application-9b68ca1ac5a4090282aa1398ae72dff7.js:39
d @ raven.js:521
raven.js:135 push component response Response {type: "basic", url: "", redirected: false, status: 422, ok: false, …}
raven.js:135 got error Response {type: "basic", url: "", redirected: false, status: 422, ok: false, …}