Not being able to install Open Video Component

Hi, I have tried to install the Video Player component several times without success. In the marketplace it is showing that the component is installed but I can not find it intre the Installed tab. Any ideas how I could solve the problem? Thanks

As a matter of fact I am not able to install any component from the component market. I tried other components but I can not see them in the Installed tab either.

Hi Emily, sounds super odd! Have they appeared yet? Which browser are you using and what’s your app ID? Are you on the right Installed tab (there is one for Logic and another one for Components)?

Hi Mari, thanks for your reply. I am using newest Chrome on MAC OS X
Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 17.58.52

Alright, that was another panel. Thanks for your guidance, Mari! I figured it out!