Note on application support & possible delays

Hi everyone!

Recently we have experienced an influx of new users to our platform. We are very excited to receive such interest and excitement towards AppGyver and Composer Pro.

At the same time we are working very hard on a number of ambitious goals for the platform. We know it can be sometimes frustrating that we’re not able to readily share all of these developments with our community, but rest assured that the end result will be worth it!

We are also actively recruiting, which will eventually help to smooth things out.

However in the short term all of these factors mean that there may be delays in answering your questions and getting to support requests.

We ask for your understanding in this period of rapid growth, and can’t wait to show you the things we’re working on for the future of AppGyver and Composer Pro. :slight_smile:

Our team is doing active support on, where also other members of the community can help you out. You can also always drop us a line on or on Twitter.

We see and hear you!


You really need to incorporate a support service, even if it is paid, many of us would pay for them to answer our questions in no more than one day. Doubts make us have to freeze our projects. Personally, I love appgyver, but since I cannot move forward and have many doubts that the documentation does not answer… I look for another tool in which I can carry out my projects quickly and without delay.


100% agree with this!

I was just looking to see if there was an expert community on here that could pay to answer a simple question. I’ve ended up just going on Fiverr

I’ve ended up in Adalo and FlutterFlow…