Notice about build service delays

Hey everyone!

As you might have noticed, the build service has not worked during the weekend (April 16th-18th) resulting in unusually long queue times for your builds. However today (Monday 19th) we have fixed it and confirmed that builds are going through. The service is still a bit backed up, so there might be some delays and longer queue times for a little while. We cannot say surely how long it will be as different apps have varying build times, but at least a build made on Friday just went through. Sorry for all the inconvenience and frustration about not getting your builds out :pensive:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for all your patience! Everything should work smoothly again soon :pray:


Thank you for the untiring efforts of the AppGyver Team! Love your work.


Is it possible to cancel builds? I have three queued, but in reality I’m only interested in the last one - the other two have been superseded.


Looks like the builds are taking a crazy long time. I think it would be great if you could cancel builds in the queue to reprioritze a newer build for yourself (and also take load of the Appgyver build server)

Would definitely be willing to pay for a quicker build service as well!

When do you expect everything will be normal (app build should take at max. 60 min to make it workable)? Getting into a lot of trouble to release my app on time.

Hi, i’ve two builds queued from several hours for app 317623, can you delete them?
The reported problem has been resolved? how long does it take now to do a new build?



Looks like the build service broke again with more than 12 hours wait time

Still in queue, 24h now

Hey all,

Again, so sorry for these delays. The build service has been working normally during this week, but the build queues are so long that the waiting times are still significant. We have been working on speeding up the build service, and that will be released today in case it passes all QA. Otherwise, we will fail all builds to get the queue down.

Thanks for your patience everyone and we’re sorry for all the frustration, insecurity, and any problems you’ve experienced related to app releases or meeting deadlines. Hopefully we will get it resolved today for good :pray:


Thanks for sharing that insight. Hopefully it will be fixed today!

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Hi there, was this fixed or is something wrong again. Yesterday it seemed fine. Today my builds arent going through anymore (1 in queue for several hours again).

When I build my app it also says “contact support”. It was working this morning and nothing much has changed…

Probably has to do with this problem as well… Preview app not working 22/04/2021 - #6 by Bas_24