Notification landing page & adding links to notification (firebase)

Has anyone figured out how to add a link to notifications using firebase?

Also how to direct the notification to a certain page using url scheme on appgyver ?

I already have notifications working, just need to know how that works for android native build and if possible apple.


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Hi! Sorry for the belated answer. I’m not super familiar with firebase, but if you can pass some information with the push notification (either in the push notification text or another field), you could handle with logic inside the app that when a notification comes, check this field/fields of the event, and based on that, open this or that page.

Hi Mevi, I’m trying to check what fields are there from the ‘notification received event’ using dialog box. However, no dialog box pops up when notification receive. Should I just connect the event to dialog to get the result? Or did I miss anything? Thank you!

You wont be able to Receive Notifications to the Appgyver preview app, if youre testing. Notifications through Firebase will only come to your Published Android app installed on your device.

I have already published my app to ios Test Flight and installed on my device. Still nth :pensive:

Currently there is no way to do Notifications to iOS through Firebase. I’ve been lobbying for this support for the past year from Appgyver. All we can do with Firebase right now is use it for Android.

I have figured the way to do this, i am currently using firebase to get notifications on IOS.

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Oh really! Do share! :grinning:

The trick obviously I think is to use the Get Firebase Devicetoken flow function instead of the old one i presume

we will have to meet on video conference call, later or something also do you know how to get the notification event to work ?

Cool! Please share :slight_smile: