Notification Received Event not working

I put a Notification Received Event in my Global Canvas (is this where it should go?). Im using Firebase for push notifications so to receive notifications while the app is running in the foreground this requires filling out the data{…} fields in the firebase cloud messaging object, which i did. So i built my android apk to test it, and the event never fires when i send a push notification to it.

When I close the app, the push notifications appear on the system tray as expected. But it does not receive anything when the app is running, so I dont know if its something im doing wrong or if its a bug.

Sorry for the belated answer :disappointed_relieved: Hrrrrm I haven’t really used push notifications much and I don’t remember using this event ever, so I’ll have to ask around if anyone else knows more about this event and using it. It might be that it’s broken and we haven’t noticed it, since it hasn’t been in our active internal use.

So far the result is that there might be something wrong with the received event, but opened event worked, at least on iOS. We’ll continue looking into this, but just to let you know in case you want to get forward with this.

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Some more testing was done and my colleague was able to get received and opened to work on Android with 1.9.22 (standalone build). Received is triggered if the app is open and a notification arrives, and opened is triggered when the user opens a notification when the app was closed. Both were managed from the global canvas, so to me it sounds like your setup should work :thinking: did you get the opened event to work at least?

Thank you!. Ill try that again today.

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Did you managed to do this? I am trying but there is no alert dialog pop up right after the notification received.

I managed to do push notification with firebase but not the notication receive event

Did you manage to receive the push notification event of the open application?

Hi, I am hoping someone has the notification received event working and can offer some guidance. I have notifications working from both iOS and Android, just not when the app is in the foreground. My FCM message has data elements as required. I tried a few receive events(trial and error) with no success. Anyone have it working?

@JOHN_WORSHAM were you able to get the notification working while the app is in the foreground? If so do you have an example of how you did it? I saw what you said above but I’m having a hard time following exactly what you mean.

No I haven’t tried. That was on my to-do list though.

Judiging from the above, It would seem, then, that the “Notification Opened” event exposes the “data {}” portion of the notification, while the “Notification Received” event would have as output only the “notification” part of the firebase notification. @Mevi , is that it?

I managed to get an alert with the notification body by using

Outputs[’].event.body and Outputs[’].event.title

Hope this can help someone.

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