Notifications prompt not working on iOS or Android

Hi there! I installed the latest build of my app on Android and iOS through Testflight.

There’s a button with logic to request user permission for notifications, though once clicked it doesn’t produce any results. I also added a toast in case of error from the “check notification permissions” flow, but it doesn’t pop up either. Is there anything I’m missing?

App ID is 189917

In the appgyver preview app, the prompt doesn’t come through either, though if I allow notifications through app settings on iOS, I’m able to get the device token and register the device with Backendless. (in this case, though, I don’t think I should be able to receive any push notifications, because the appgyver app has different certificates to those registered in backendless, right?)

Thanks for the help!

Hi! Just a quick note that notifications will not work in the appgyver preview app, so you will have to build your app from the build service in order to see notifications.

If you’re having more trouble, there are a lot of threads on the forums you could check out. Try for example this :slight_smile:

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The prompt for notifications permissions still doesn’t come up in the android build.

That Request Notification Permission flow function has never worked for me. I’ve always had to use Open Settings instead and direct the user to enable/disable notifications from there.

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