Notify new app version and force App Update

How can I notify users about new app version and force them to install the latest updates?

I publish the app to the Google Play Store and add a test track. As far as i know you can’t force updates.

Knowing that this is something you want to be able to do, add it into your app going forward. Do a release/version check early on and if it doesn’t equal the latest release (refer to a dBase source) then force an exit and ask them to update it.

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Thank You @Phil_Evans
Any suggestions on how do I get the my app version from playstore and app version from my app ?

I mean recommend rather than force. It always better to run on newer versions.

There is a system variable you can check in logic.

@Phil_Evans I could only see the runtimeversion and buildversion.
There is no app version in system variable.

I believe build version is the one you want.

I am getting both runtime version and build version same. Seems like a bug.
I gave my version number as 1.4.1

See the images

This is the message popup on web preview

It works for me. Your test above isn´t definitive, as you are comparing the build version in Android with the webapp preview, and the two have separate build numbers.

"Build version: "+systemVars.buildVersion on triple tap gives me the attached image. You can see the build version is 1.2.4, which matches the build I did. Perhaps web preview, because its not actually a build has no value and defaults to the runtime version? But regardless, it works in Android for sure.

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Thank @Phil_Evans
Will test it on the app rather than web preview