Novice learning

I am trying to create an app to help capture data as is happens and spits it out into graphs on separate pages. For example the main page would have buttons saying (blue car) (red car) (other car). My students would click the button every time a car went past and when they were done they would be able to go to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page to and be able to see different graphs representing the data they clicked and email those graphs to themselves or save those graphs to their phones. Is such a thing possible on AppGyver?

I believe that such a thing is possible and quite simple. (especially with a good no code backend, some have free plans which would be sufficient for your use, check the forum for suggestions). However I’m not sure if graphs can be made easily.

General discussion: You can have a table in the backend with the various car colours being measured, then use each button click to update the record adding (1) to the number if vehicles. You can then make it so that each time a person mounts a page on appgyver a “get collection” or “get record” api call is made, to retrieve the data (such as number of cars for each colour). I don’t know how you can represent them as graphs, try asking that as a different question on the forum, maybe someone else knows. But it is very possible to simply display the information as text (example : blue cars= 13, red cars=15).

You can also achieve this using on device storage if you don’t want to use a backend, but i’m not familiar with this as I’ve always needed a backend for my app. (There are tutorials on how to use this)

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