Number property showing up as string in debugger flows

I have an integer property on a POST webhook that’s showing up as a string property in the debugging flows for some reason.

Here’s the API schema:
-to the endpoint Invite
-the property inviter_id
-which is a number

Here I am binding it on a page:

And this shows that the app variable I’m using is also an integer:

But when I ran it and looked at the flow in the debugger, it says it’s a string. (It did get the correct value–just the wrong data type.)

I’m a bit baffled. I haven’t had this happen before. Anyone have any thoughts?

This is app #173781 on the page “Invite to group”.

For the record, I was just able to determine that the webhook is working anyway, so no urgency on this.

This is odd, especially considering that the group_id shows correctly as a number… You could try changing the binding of the invited_id to a formula and wrapping the value inside into a NUMBER formula, but if it’s working for you as it is, it should be ok to stay as-is?

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