Number variables saving as string into Firestore Database

Hi all
I’m just starting to integrate my Appgyver application with Firestore Database.
Everything seems to be working fine, except by the fact that all numeric variables are being saved as string into the document atributes.
I did find an old post refering to this issue, but no response until now.
Am I doing something wrong here?

Below the screenshots from my variables and firestore database:


Hi, how you work around this issue, is up to you. For example ( how i do it ) i leave it in the database as string and then if i need to make any equations in the frontend, i just use the formula NUMBER().
The other way would be to define the type of the variable in the data connector as number. But when i had tried that in the past i had some issue, because firebase characterizes the number as integer and in appgyver its number thats why i use the first way. But if you make some examples, i think you will sort it out.

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Hi @Dimos_Vamvourellis , thanks for your response.
It’s not a big deal, and I’m working around this issue converting with NUMBER function as well, but I was wondering if this is really an Appgyver bug or not…

It is not a bug. I think that You have an input field. And there you type in a number. The input field “output” is a text/number multiple type value. I at least find this as the cause most of the time.

I also suffered a lot with this and I don’t understand why we select the type as number when creating the input if it doesn’t already define it as a number, even creating in the app’s internal data with number, return as string