Odata as a data Resource

I have tried to select an Odata service as a Data Resource, The service works perfectly in Postman with a root URL of
It functions perfectly. with examples of reading an Entity Set, Reading a single entity, using searches and filters etc.

However, within Appyver if i attempt to add a data resource by selecting an Odata Service and type in the same root url as in Postman I get a message saying

the entered URL is not recognized as a valid OData service metadata

Please select the data resources you want to create from the left.

What is going on here ?

This does NOT answer the question at all. Microsoft have created an OData service for testing and training purposes. If Apgyver is capable of working with Odata as a data resource, I should be able to use the “http://services.odata.org/V4/TripPinService/” as a data resource . Yet this does not work. As i said in my last message it works fine in Postman, as does the Northwind Odata service. But Appgyver does not allow their use Are you saying that only Odata services created by SAP developers will work.I don’t. think this should be the caae. And please take the trouble to read the question before supplying a boiler plate reply.

Hi @Phil_Luker, please use the secure version of the URL when configuring the resource: https://services.odata.org/V4/TripPinService/