Odata BTP destination - unable to $expand


I am trying to consume c4c data via destination setup in BTP into AppGyver application. However, I see some challenges in performing $expand on entities. There seems to be no explicit options to expand the referenced entities unlike direct consumption of Odata in AppGyver application.

Here is the endpoint and it’s data when inspected directly on the browser:

Here I am looking to expand “ServiceCategoryCatalogueUsageCollection” and this is a sample URL for the same:


So the expand attributes from above URLs are:

  1. $expand=ServiceCategoryCatalogue
  2. $expand=ServiceCategoryCatalogue/ServiceCategory

However, I cannot see any provision in ComposerPro achieve this.

I have referred to this forum post and understood how the entities could be expanded in AppGyver by the virtue of “Configure OData integration” configuration for a Data Entity. However, this configuration is completely missing for the endpoints consumed via BTP destination.

Kindly let me know if there is a provision to perform $expand on the OData webservices consumed via BTP Destinations. If there is no provision for the same, is there a product recommended workaround to achieve the same?

Raj Pawan Gumdal