OData Error: The entered URL is not recognized as a valid OData service metadata

I assume with the “SAP AppGyver” update we now have OData Configurator. Which is great for SAP folk like myself.

I am trying to add Cloud for Customer OData however it does not accept my URL. What could be the reason for invalid url? I have tried several combinations but none worked.

Issue seems to be related with CORS.

Edit: Issue was indeed regarding with CORS. C4C OData does not support CORS so with SAP API Management I had to create a proxy, then set CORS headers in the Policies. You can see my detailed comments here:


I’m facing the same issue but I don’t have SAP API Management. Is there any other workaround directly in my SAP ECC Backend?

I believe it is possible to directly integrate from your SAP ECC Backend without using SAP API Management. Some options you might consider are:

*Use a Remote Function Call (RFC) connection to integrate your SAP ECC system with another system. An RFC is a function that can be called from one SAP system to another SAP system or any other external system that is configured to receive RFC calls.

*Use the Web Service to integrate your SAP ECC system with another system using Web Services. Web Services are a standard for interoperability between systems and allow for the integration of systems over the internet using the HTTP protocol.

*Use the SAP Data Integration (DI) module to perform system integration. The DI module includes tools and capabilities that allow you to easily integrate your SAP ECC system with other systems.

It all depends on interpreting what was said and coming up with more implementation ideas.

Yeah but appgyver only take oData and Restful api, and the CORS policy is a headache.