Odata SAP Backend connection fails - Not allowed

Dear all,

I’m glad to be a new user on Appgyver :slight_smile:

I am currently discovering the tool, I was able to perform the basic tutorials from SAP and Appgyver but when I try to pull data from an ODATA service located on a SAP Backend system (on premise), then the system sends me this error message: The entered URL is not recognized as a valid OData service metadata

Error 405 : Not allowed

As you can see on the screenshot, I have set up basic authentifications. When I test the URL on my browser, i am able to retrieve the metadata. When I go on transaction /IWFND/ERROR_LOG, I don’t have any error.

As you can see I am dealing with an HTTPS request with the good port associated.

Did I miss any set up in order to authorize the connection? Does this scenario (direct connection between Appgyver and on premise SAP) is supported?

Sorry I am more a functional guy, not so technical in those cases…

If you have any clue, don’t hesitate to share please:)

Have a good day all.

Hello all,
The issue has been solved.
Actually in order to request SAP S/4 backend systems you need to have SAP Build apps from SAP BTP. Then you need to set up & configure SAP Cloud Connector & SAP Integration Suite (for the API part).