Odd error - possible corrupted application

I seem to have broken my app while creating a component. Everything sort of locked up while editing and I had to restart my browser. Now, I’m getting a couple of errors in a JavaScript node on the component (see screen shot). When internally handling a component tap event internally - there are errors referenced in “setTabSelected” and “SetSelectedTab”. the “setTabSelected” was the name of the javascript logic node before everything locked up. When I restarted my browser that node had disappeared. So, I recreated it and it’s now called “SetSelectedTab”. I can’t find where the setTabSelected node is hiding so I can delete it.

AppID 96997

Forgot the screen shot.

It’s hiding downwards from your new tap event – so just scroll down the logic canvas in isolation mode. We’ve been planning a feature called Birds-eye View that would essentially all the logic in your app so there’s no “lost” logic, but it’s still in the planning stages.

Also, while you can’t access composite component root level properties yet in formulas (that’s coming soon), your code can be simplified greatly with just map (using ES6 arrow function instead of function):

const newTabs = inputs.allTabs.map((arrayItem) => {
  arrayItem.is_selected = arrayItem.id == inputs.selectedTab;
  return arrayItem;

return { result: newTabs }
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