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My app does not need to be connected to any rest api especially with the amount of data I have, at least not right now. My data does not change and I do not feel that having it in a server is beneficial to me. My data consist of outside diameter, inside diameter, area, weight, grade and on and on. Based of this data, I can use formulas to makeup the rest of my info.
My biggest problem so far is not having my database available offline. I would like to build it 100% off line. I cannot copy this data manually since one of my tables is about 1200 rows long and 30 columns wide. I still have high hopes that I can somehow copy / paste this info into an offline databases with what ever means necessary.
No matter how hard I look, I cannot find anything that may work for me. Could there be a way to at least paste this as Json code somewhere in the app? Can I paste my info into my app manually and keep it offline in any way?

Hi, you could use a “List of objects” type app variable and “Set app variable” flow at “App launched” event on the Global canvas page for that.

If you can get your list in a json format, you can use a formula binding in “Set app variable” with your data:

[{id: 1}, {id: 2}, ... , {id: 1200}]

I’m not completely sure what the formula editor will say about a code snippet that huge, but worth a try!

That is a start. I will defenately look into this. Thanks

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Mari, Thanks for your help. It was easier than I thought. Yes, it is limited but it does take one of my list with 86 rows and 28 columns just fine. Concat seems to combine 2 list together but not more. Is there another way to get more than 2 list into one?

You can use CONCAT(list1, CONCAT(list2, list3)) etc.

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Makes sense. I did go back in and try more fields.

I pasted close to 600 Records and 28 columns, waited about 10 minutes and did the same before it allowed me to save. Went in good.

The only thing is. If I wanted to create a table, it wants to refresh every time I open that page. Takes it a bit maybe a couple seconds. For now it was for testing purposes but may look into it in the future with an appropriate topic.

Thank you so much.

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