Offline/Caching/Sync-ing capabilities + mix


Coming over from land as I have a project that is possibly not suitable for bubble.


Moving company crew has an app.
They are on site picking furniture etc. in an area with spotty cellphone reception.
There is a table with a broken leg. They need to take a picture to record this.
This needs an app that will be able to save data offline and then sync when online.

From a cursory glance on the forums, it should be possible with appgyber. I’d like to reach out to experienced people (such as @SeanHoots! found you!) who can point out flaws/pitfalls in my approach/thinking before diving too deep.

Here is what I’m thinking

  • Office manager viewpoint, authentication, database/backend in
  • Moving Crew application front-end using AppGyver. Offline sync in appgyver local storage.
  • Then some magic workflow that syncs between appgyver and bubble when the connection is online.


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Hi! From AppGyver’s side this seams like a good plan. I’ve actually created a very similar app a few months back and all worked well. Though, I used a different backend than Bubble, but as it’s just another REST API, I don’t see problems rising from there either.

On AppGyver’s side local storage and the “magic workflow” should be simple to implement in the way you like.

in case u achived ur did u do it?