Offline data availability

Hi. I’m testing AppGyver currently.

The users for the apps I need to build will be offline frequently, so I need to have data always accessible.

From searching in the forums, I understand the way to do this is by creating local storage variables and copying the results of API calls in local storage. And then copying back and forth with the remote database as required. This is described in the thread here: here.

This seems rather labour-intensive to me, and I’m not sure how one would deal with records being added or deleted locally or at the backend.

@Caleb_Fortenberry refers to using Xano in the thread here to get around this.

@Caleb_Fortenberry: does using Xano allow offline caching in a way that would solve this problem?

I wanted to make sure that the copying-to-local-storage solution is the only one possible currently. Hope I’m not missing something obvious. I’m comfortable with writing JavaScript, so if that provides a way out I’d love to hear about it.

Firestore has an “offline tolerant” solution that would be very useful here, so maybe in a future version of AppGyver that could be allowed as a feature.


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@Vikram Xano provides a performant and scalable backend database. You can implement data and response caching in Xano to have your results instant. In terms of an offline application, however, you would still need to store data locally