Offline eLearning Portable Software

Hi, I am researching if my needs can be accomplished with a no code platform.

I want to offer my students courses offline. My idea to to send them a flash drive with the course already installed. they will be able to go through and complete the course just as they would a normal online course. They will have activities they will have to do as well, like quizzes, compositions, etc. Once they have completed the entire course they can send the flash drive back to me and I can grade their work :blush:

Can you tell me if this is possible to do with AppGyver and/ or also how I may be able to accomplish this.


The functionalities of showing quizzes and gathering answers can be accomplished via AppGyver, but you’d have to use an external database. The database provided by AppGyver is quite low-level for hobby purpose only, so I think you’d need a more sophisticated one and set it up via a REST API.

As for sharing it via a flash drive, I don’t know much about distributing apps via flash drives and what it requires, but I’m guessing you could build your webapp and put the zip file on the flash drive and distribute it. But if you’re open to other ways, such as having the courses online and students having their own user credentials etc, that’s totally possible :slight_smile: