Offline Push Notifications possible?

Is it possible to build push notifications without firebase? My app should work fully offline, so push notifications from firebase are no option. The push notifications should come from the app itself.

im sure something like that is possible, but it will only work as long as the app is in use, of course, this has to do with what you what to show as notification

Thanks for your answer.
How about getting the app working in background? I mean, normal Android apps also be able to do that.And how to set up these offline push notifications?

Oh i have no idea about that, maybe you can look more into it

I literally have no idea on how settings sth like this :see_no_evil:

Are you found resolve?

No, I don’t find any solution. I think we need to wait until 3rd party plugins.

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We wait it almost a year :frowning:

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it’s a huge load of work to code sth like this. That’s why other providers don’t have such a feature.
We have no other chance as to give them the time they need to develop, although a few more informations on developing status would be nice.