On app launched i have open splash screen but it open splash page multiple time

Can you please guide me where I am doing wrong


When you build an app, the splash screen (that is configured in the build settings) will be opened by default when the app is launched, so there is no need to include that in your app.

Got your point but why it push view multiple times after delay

Can I see a screenshot for your logic flows for this? :slight_smile:

please check this image for logic flow

Hmm do you have the Splash page set as your initial view? Or are you using that Open Page - Splash anywhere else?

I want to open the splash page as the first screen and keep it open for 5 seconds but it push splash for multiple time

Is the page appearing many times or is it staying visible for more than 5 seconds? I don’t know what’s causing it at the moment in your app, my best guess is that the Splash page is already the first page in your app which gets opened first, and then the App launched - Open page flow opens it again and that’s why it appears many times.

And as I already said, please make sure to remove the splash page and any logic related to it before you build your app.