On-Premise deployment

I understand that we could download the code after web build. However, my customer has a concern to run the application in AppGyver’s cloud, and they prefer to run the application in their own application server.

If it’s possible to deploy on their local application server, what are the software requirements of the application server, and what is the procedure for the deployment?

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, Patrick.

If you mean to host the web app platform in question on an external third-party backend such as Backendless or your client’s own on-prem system, then certainly, you could and would download Appgyver’s generated web build code and mount it on your platform of choice. By that point, it should be removed from AG’s own cloud systems with one possible exception:

There is the interesting question of where “hard-coded” images are stored – that is to say, images that you upload in the Composer editor versus those which are streamed in from your backend. If you open your app in the web preview and copy a hard-coded image’s URL, you will notice that its source is likely still AG’s cloud. An example would be uploading a background image for a container in Composer.

I just checked myself and this is one image URL for a background gradient color image I use for a floating header container. It, indeed, is still hosted on the AG cloud. If I recall correctly, in the final build, the image URL would still be sourced from AG:
^^^ You could copy/paste that into your browser bar to see that gradient image.

There was a thread not too long (which I cannot seem to find tonight) asking the question of what, hypothetically, should happen if AG closes down and their cloud services no longer deliver the image URLs. I wish I could remember the AG team member’s answer, but I cannot. Still, technically, you could get around any limitations there by uploading those hard-coded images into your backend and then plugging the source URL into Composer as, say, the background image of the aforementioned container.

I hope that provides some insight from my own experience. All the same, I’d love an actual team member’s thoughts.