One toggle connected to the other


I thought I had found an answer, but it wasn’t working for me, so I’m hoping someone can help me using the simplest words possible as I am very new to all this.

I want to create a setting for my app (see image), but only one setting can be on at a time. So when Option 1 is toggled on, Option 2 must be off and vice versa. At no point should they both be on or off (I know that’s what’s shown below, this is currently just a ‘stand in’)

I’m sure it’s an easy solution, but I am stuck. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Bind both toggle values to the same Boolean pageVar true/false.
Bind the first toggle value to pageVar
Make the other toggle bound to !pageVar

UPDATE: you prob use the toggle for a true/false value to use somewhere else so you can also bind one toggle to true and the other to !true (of the same variable)

Thanks, this was exactly it! I’m not how to bind true or !true, but the first part worked