onFocus and onBlur events

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This is probably a dumb question but I’ll risk it… I’m seeing in the documentation that there should be a way to add logic to onFocus and onBlur events (Events - AppGyver) however I cannot find how to do that. I’m trying to do form validation and paint the input fields in blue onFocus and in red / green onBlur. Would love some guidance…


Hi @Ido_Hertz, you can find the events on the “Input” primitive’s logic canvas:

Looks like they are not exposed in “Input field” component – we’ll fix that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mari for the quick reply. I’ve already written my entire app using the Input field, switching now to the primitive input field is a lot of work. Is there any way for me to work around it?

Actually I found a way… when going to editor mode on the input field you see that it’s actually using the primitive input field, and that one has onBlur and onFocus.