Only 20 items showing in list

Hi, I am new here so I appreciate any help. I have 25 and growing items in my firebase but my app list only shows 20. I attached a searchbar and when I filter the list items, the ones that are not showing still don’t show. So I am guessing it is not a visibility issue, they are just not getting loaded. Is there a parameter I can change to load all items?


maybe you use pagination to ask only the first 20

it would be this one, make you sure you have this empty

Hi, thanks for the reply, my data variables don’t display that option. I ran the GET COLLECTION from the data part and it is also bringing only 20 items. Have any other ideas?

try using the api url in google search and see if you get all the records in the response, so you can see if the data are getting filtered in appgyver somehow or if you dont even get them from the backend.

Thanks for the advise, It brings only 20 items but I noticed tha at the end if displays this:
“nextPageToken”: “AFTOeJztY79HJKDy5YkALL…” and it goes on.

So it looks like I have to modify something in firebase. I will investigate it. If you happen to know the answer, I appreciate some help.


its more likely that the pagination request is in you url, can y share your url?
(you can paint over the app name if you don’t already have rules set up)

Hi, there must be some rules on the backend but I added: “?pageSize=200” and I got all my list items. I know that it will eventually give ne problems if my database grows but for now it solves my imemediate problem and I can continue with my app.

I do appreciate your help!

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