Only getting first 20 response from the Firebase Firestore

I want to fetch all the document from the Firestore API endpoint but not able to fetch 20 how can i fetch all the document .
Using postman to do Api calls i find nextPageToken how to use this?

This is interesting! Please share with us the query you are using.

BTW, are you using pageSize in your query?

To try it in Postman, you could set one (or both) keys to get data. The keys as below:


To get more insights about Paginate data have a look at the article below and do not miss to watch the video.

Paginate data with query cursors

All the best

Thanks , This solve my problem

Were you able to do it?

In my REST API Data resource set up, I had to setup the “Response key path” as “documents” which means the nextPageToken is not accessible. How do I get to it?