(only) OData Integration guides / tutorials?

Hello Appgyver Community!

I am kind of lost with the OData Integration Tool using SAP ES5 Demo Systems.
There are only a few tutorials available and a lot of them preferring using the REST API tool instead of the OData Integration tool. There are no guides dealing with the OData Integration tool, how to update/create a record or using the data in other specific ways.

On top of that, i need to deal with the CORS-Issue, surrounding the use of REST API and i need SAP BTP for fixing that, which is not an option for me. Are there any tutorials that are just using OData Integration to work with Appgyver?

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Christoph_Ramke, unfortunately there’s no specific tutorial for the OData integration, it should be fairly straightforward to use the Data Configurator and then the logic flows similarly than you would with a REST API integration.

We’re not really OData experts here at the community forums, so I recommend the AppGyver topic page on SAP Community for OData related questions. I’ve also seen a few threads around the topic here on the forums, although not sure if they were using BTP or not.

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