Open a modal page - Used to slide up and close down - Now slides in from left closes right :(

The “Open page” flow function, set to open modal, used to (v1 runtime) open the screen with a slide up and a close down animation. Now it opens the screen with a slide left and a close right.

Is there a parameter I should be setting to get the modal screens to open up and close down like in the v1 client runtime?

In the Changelog for 2.5.3 I see this:
Fixed an issue where pages opened in modals were opening from the side instead of the bottom

Upgrade your Previewer App should fix this I think

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Thanks for the quick response @JOHN_WORSHAM ! I need to make checking the changelog part of my process when something goes bump :slight_smile: I appreciate you finding it so quickly.

It looks like that is in Beta at the moment. At least I know it is on its way.

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I never check the Changelog. For some reason I decided to today because I wanted to know what’s been fixed in the new Beta, and i just happened to remember seeing that thing about the Modal. Glad to have helped!