Open a modal window with a transparent background

Hello, everyone,

Is it possible to give a page that I open as a modal window a transparent background so that I can still see the page underneath? So something like background 50% black.

But it is not really transparent because there is another background behind the background and it is white. So I only get a non-transparent gray. How can I avoid that? Is there a solution for this?

Thank you for your advice

@Jens_Rohleder you could probably achieve this using a container with it’s positioning set to ‘Absolute’. Make the container take up the entire page, set its background to black with 50% transparency and then add your modal stuff inside this container. By default set it’s visibility to false and then set it to true when you want to show the modal.

Edit: I made a demo :slightly_smiling_face: This isn’t exactly a modal but it should function basically the same unless you really need it to be on a different page.

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wooooow how cool is that.
That’s exactly what I wanted to do.
I’ll try that

Thanks for the video as well


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