Open beta test for the new runtime!

Hey all, Chief Product Officer Harri here!

We’re slated for releasing the new runtime and associated Composer Pro side upgrades early next week, and a big part of that is ensuring that existing apps work as before.

If you would like to help us out, you can access the latest beta version via the links below – please post any regressions or other issues here along with app ID, repro steps and screenshots if applicable, so we’ll know to address them.

This is not yet about utilizing the new features, but just backwards compatibility.

Additionally, you can now build your apps against the 2.4.16 runtime version via Build Service, so test that out too!

Thanks for your help, excited to get the new release out soon!


Update flow functions

All flow functions should be updated to their latest versions to ensure compatibility.

Specifically, older versions of Show spinner and Hide spinner will not work with the new v2 runtime.

Web navigation

Web navigation has been improved, and now there are proper modern routes that can be refreshed (an upcoming feature is to enable you to customize the routes too).

With this update, we no longer try to emulate mobile-style stack navigation on web. The only active contexts are the current page and the global canvas. This means that e.g. events on pages not active are not triggered – such event handling should be moved to the global canvas.

Also, you can no longer open the same page twice in a row, unless the new page has different parameters. Thus, you can open your “Movie Details” page with id parameter 1, then open “Movie Details” again with id parameter 2 – but not with id 1 again.

Non-authenticated pages

(The new property described below is unfortunately not yet available in Composer side, so this will be broken with the new runtime until we get the full release out!)

If your app has auth enabled, and you want to open a page (e.g. “Create account”) from the login view, you need to enable the new Allow page to be opened without authentication property for those pages.

The plus side is that now opening regular and modal pages from the login view works the same on all platforms!

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Dear, I’m now using the Android Open Beta, and I have an Iphone, too.

I just tried a simple CHECK BOX but it doesn’t get value and return or return a null value for my Android. But it work normally for iOS.

Even if I don’t need to deal with value, the Check Box it self run so unstable : the first tap work normally but when tap again, it freezes and takes a while about 8-10 seconds to change color icon. Meanwhile on my Iphone, everything works perfectly !

Update : and the Box Shadow ( Blur ) doesn’t work on Android, too. On iOS it shows normally. Please review 2 these issues, thanks !

Update 2 : Button tap to Pick date/time will be kick out of app…

Is there a specific debugger for the beta? I connected the regular debugger to the beta preview website, but nothing is shown in the state tab.

There’s one page that repeats a component from an Airtable list which isn’t working in the beta, but works fine in 1.9.22. I wanted to take a look at the debugger to try to figure it out. It’s page “page.Page11”.

The app is also being launched to the wrong page, as chosen in the navigation tab of Composer.

I also noticed that the background color does not extend to the whole page, when I scroll down on almost all pages. This one better illustrates it:

Looking forward to the new features!

Yes, there’s a separate debugger at for the 2.x runtime. The navigation issue will be fixed in the next version!

Can you share the app ID so we can take a look at the data repeat issue?

Thanks, Harri! The app ID is 178910.

As soon as I can, I’ll try to figure it out as well through the beta debugger. In case I do, I’ll post it here.

Note that we rolled out the release earlier today, so is running the latest v2 runtime now, so see if the issue still persists there!

I am now just getting a constant animated blue loading circle when I tried to preview my app. :face_with_thermometer:

+1 here. It’s impossible to see the preview of the app. loop in loading…

@escapenewhaven @Antonio_Murillo and this is with, NOT Can you share your app ID so we can take a look?

Yes, with the new My app ID is 154393. Thanks for looking into it!


All working fine now, Harri! Thanks!

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Still broken for me, I’m afraid @Harri_Sarsa.

Mine too is still affected by infinite loading on opening
My app id is 101365

@Munus and @escapenewhaven reproed, looking into this ASAP! In the meantime, the Legend apps should let you continue development. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Btw. Munus, can you try to navigate back when the spinner is showing? If on iOS, try swiping left-to-right, starting from the left edge of your screen. If on Android, and you have a physical “go back” button, please try clicking it. Does it help? (if it doesn’t, don’t worry. as Harri mentioned, a fix is on its way to app stores, but this may also fix it)

Unfortunately I don’t have a back button on my android so I will wait for a fix and in the meanwhile I will continue to use appgyver legend.
Thanks anyway for the tips

Yea, this issue is different — working on a fix but probably will take until Monday to get deployed, sorry!

My app ID: 177954 -->Name: “PYE Admin”

It seems the same error. Infinite loading

Maybe, the actual version has a problem with deteting which device it is. Because if i use a formula where systemVars.formfactor is used, i have problems to set this right. If i say sth. like IF(systemVars.formFactor == "phone", systemVars.dimensions.screen.width, 300), it doesn’t detect that it is my (android 8, huawei) phone and also uses 300px. Same with web. If i use sth. like IF(systemVars.formFactor == "desktop" || systemVars.formFactor == "big_screen || systemVars.formFactor == "unknown"", 400, 150), it uses the 150 for container width, although i am at my (windows 10, asus) laptop (desktop).

And an other thing i don’t know if it is right, is that in formula editor, if i write systemVars.screen.width it says 414. But my laptop screen has an resolution of 1600px. Maybe in Editor it shows false values. Or if this is correct value, it’s a bit strange and misunderstanding.