Open image editor -- Resulted image size is 200x200

Hi all,

First of all, I want to thank the AppGyver Compose team for an amazing product. It’s the best no-code mobile app builder that I saw.

I faced an issue regarding the “Open image editor” component. I’m trying to build an app with a feature to take/choose a photo, crop it to the required aspect ratio and upload it Cloudinary. I use “Open image editor” component to crop it (as I see, it’s possible to crop using 1:1 aspect ratio only). As a result of croping, I receive an image with size 200x200. Unfortunately, it’s too small. Is there any possibility to store an image without resizing it?

Kind regards,

Hi! Thanks for reporting this issue, it’s definitely a bug! I filed a bug report about the issue.

Hi Mevi,
Thanks so much! Looking forward to receiving an update on this feature :slight_smile: