Open in modal / keep last page data after opening modal

Hello, i would like to ask about the Open in modal feature, as for some reason it doesn’t work quite as intended for me ! to put you in context here a screenshot.

problem :
when clicking on one of the repeated items, it opens a new page instead of a modal.

what am i trying to accomplish :
i want to use the model option to avoid making another call to the API of list in the initial page once mounted.

Best regards

Hi, the “open page in modal” logic works that way, it does open a new page, just in a modal view.

If you’d like to open a modal in the same context, you can create it as a floating container on the page with position set to “absolute”, and use for example a true/false type page variable to control the visibility of your modal (under “Advanced properties”).

hey thanks for your answer !
i just still don’t understand the difference between a page and a modal they behave the same.
when to use one and when to use the other ?

When a page is opened in a modal, the navigation elements are hidden. Because of this, it’s useful if you want to “force” a user path in your app. An example use case for this could be a multi-step form, where the user has to complete steps one by one, and shouldn’t be able to navigate away from the form until the last step has been completed.


Hey thanks for you answer i get it now !

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