Open links in browser outside the app

Hello. I have used Webview to show a certain page on my website. But I don’t want the links on the site to open within the app. I would rather have all links trigger a pop-up box asking if it should open the link in the main browser. Is that possible?

you can do this by installing the flow function from the marketplace in the logic section. open web browser or open URL flow function would fulfill your need

Thank you for the answer. The “Open URL” works if I connect it to a button, but I am trying to use WebView, and would like the links there to work the same way, so they open for instance in Safari. Is that possible?

I can’t under what are you trying to say. But as per my understanding, you want to open a link, not in the app but in the browser like Safari. but if you want WebView to trigger a pop-up asking if you want to open it in a web browser, then just make a flow with web view and set the OPEN URL flow on onLocationChange that will show the pop-up. But please if you can explain more then I would be more helpful. Thanks

I will try to explain better. :slight_smile: I use WebView to show a page from my website. It contains different links that I want to open in a browser like Safari (just as you said).

The problem is:
If I connect OPEN URL to “Component tap” for WebView, nothing happens.
If I connect OPEN URL to “Component OnLocationChange”, a browser opens as soon as I enter the app page. (Before pressing any links.)

Also, Open URL seems to only be able to open the url you set in the Properties panel, instead of the different links shown in WebView.

I am using the app to show art, which also can be purchased. But I don’t want to use the app as a store, only as a gallary. Therefore I want to redirect the user to Safari or another browser app if they click on a painting to purchase it.

I’m not sure if this was easier to understand?

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Hi! Perhaps you should try to ignore the first onLocationChange by checking what page it changed to, and if it didn’t really change, do nothing. You might want to check out other topics on the forums relating to this, maybe they could help you get forward?

Thank you the answer, but I have decided to use another platform for making the app.


Do you have a visual representation on the workflow of this? Much appreciated, Sir. Thanks