Open Maps for selecting a position

Hello there,

i am new here and i was wondering if i want to open an app for example Maps…
how can make the user select the prefered application … for example googleMaps or MapsMe ?

and how can i save the selected position in my application?

Greetings, Simon

You can use e.g. the Show action sheet flow function to display the different options, with each option’s value being a different URL based on the selection, e.g.,13.007813,6z for Google Maps, see for more details. You can then give this URL as an input argument to the Open URL flow function.

There’s currently no functionality for opening your app from the Google Maps app; the only way would be for the user to copy the location URL via the Google Maps app Share button, switch back to your app and paste it to an input field.

Created a feature request for the latter that you can go upvote:

Hello @Harri_Sarsa,
thanks for your reply!

So if i want to do it in one workflow i would need to make a own webpage with the functionality?

This workaround with the copy and paste is not really something for me…

so it seems i can´t work with appgyver at all when i want wo work with google maps in a comfortable manner …

Can you describe the full use case in more detail so I could think of a way to achieve that with Composer?

the use case is kind of “simple” user opens Maps (or something similar) and select a location which should be safed in the app.

I want one workflow without copy and past from one app to another …

Right – currently then there’s two features that could solve this, but currently not quite doable. :confused:

Once we get done, you can pick a location on the embedded map directly.

Otherwise, is required to pass the location back from an external map app without copy-paste; and going through the share dialog is a bit convoluted too.

Sorry to let you down, we’re working hard to extend the functionality on all fronts!

Alright thanks for your help anyway!

How long do you think it will take until the embedded map is ready?

and how is the second option called? i was at that link but i cant see how the composer function is called which i would have to add to my app

So then you’d have an App opened via share dialog event whose payload would contain the data shared by the source app.

I see that the planned functionality would have the map automatically drop a pin on user’s current location. What is expected timing of this release? Also, would I be able to capture the coordinates reverse geocode? Thank you

I also think I might need different ways to capture and interact with map data :thinking:. I’m hoping to have a search box connected to country, city, and location data, then send that over to the map when the user makes a selection (and maybe vice versa in the future). Looks like only latitude and longitude can be sent now? No addresses or Google Places data?

I have this set up on right now, but their implementation is a little wonky, and requires several plugins.
Also hoping to get a MapBox implementation over there as well.

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Time flies. Has been a year since this discussion. Can AppGyver now launch Maps/similar, have Maps collect a set a set of points and pass that list back to AppGyver?

Asking because I am trying to get this working May, 2021.

I am looking at an app that can set fake sensor location values, by tapping on a map. It is still ugly as there is there is no way I can see how to launch this app from AppGyver.



Hello Team,

Is the map feature functional ?
I have a simple use-case.

I want to open maps app showing distance/ direction of user’s current location from the selected address/latlong. The address shall be selected by drop pin or fallback would be user’s current location.


Hi! You can try the current embedded map view, it will also have an update coming in 4.3.X or 4.4.X perhaps :slight_smile: