Open modal option not working

I have an open page flow and I have set the “Open in modal?” option to “True”, so that I can open the page in a modal.

When I tested this flow in preview apps, it did not work me.
It just simply opened another page, instead of opening the page in a modal.

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That should work… Which device/OS version are you using? What page are you calling the Open page flow from? What’s your app ID + instructions where to find the logic, if it’d be alright for us to debug it a bit?

Same for me. I’ve made the simplest setting with two pages. On one of them I have a button, that opens the second page and the modal window is set for “true”. But after clicking the button, the second page doesn’t open in modal window.

I think 98558 is the app ID as I see it in URL.
If you go to page 1, you will find Social Timeline Card > Footer Container > Comments component.
I have a flow logic added to Comments component which ideally should open a modal window on click.

I do not see the modal coming up in preview apps in macbook/chrome browser.

@dpanda I just tested your app and it works on both and iOS preview app… Very weird.

Are there any errors in the web inspector console? Cmd+Opt+J in macOS / Chrome to open it.

@Harri_Sarsa thanks for looking into it.
No, I do not see any specific issue in console.

Is the modal working for you on Android or iOS Preview apps?

Hi, I have the same problem. On one of my apps modals are not working. In other there is no problem. Also in same app I can get navigation manu to work again.

@Harri_Sarsa @Mevi Can someone help me with this problem? The problem occurs on a regular (nonbeta) app. Also, my android build failed with unknown error but iOS went thru ok.


  1. Are you using the beta preview when you have the modal issue? (You can see this when you open the preview app and click your email to open your settings, if the version is 2.something it’s beta, 1.9.something it’s stable)
  2. Do you have several modals in your app, of which all the others are working but one?
  3. Can you open the page as a regular page without a problem?

ad 1. No, Runtime version is 1.9.15
ad 2. Yes I do have several modals and they all not working.
ad 3. Yes they all open as normal page (not modal) with or without modal option True.

I’ve deployed the app on iOS and I’m getting same result.

Okay, that’s odd, considering modals do work in other apps though. Can you share with me your app id so I can have a look, and tell me where to find a modal that isn’t working? (and any test login info I would need, if I need)