Open page and pull in data from repeating list record

I’ve enabled search and filter on my list repeating list that pulls data from Airtable. Now I need to tap the list entry, open another page and present the data of that record. I had this working but then I changed some settings and now it’s not working. Oddly, in the preview, I can see the record data, but when I open the app, where the data should exist on the page it shows as “undefined.” Any ideas? Thanks.

As you can see here, the data shows in composer, but in the app it says “undefined”. Any help?

Hi! I started helping you here. Aside that, I think you may be using collection type instead of one type data like you need on when you only want to show the data of a single record. You might benefit from watching this movie app tutorial for more info about collection vs. single type data variables.