Open page depending on a number

Hello, I have created a dialog that gives me random numbers from 1 to 6. I want one page or another to open depending on the number obtained. Someone who can help me?

This is a fairly basic function - write it to a variable, check the variable´s value with if statements and then branch off to the desired page open / replace.

Have you completed all of the tutorials?

Hello, thanks for answering although I still can’t move forward. Yes, I did the tutorials that I have access to and I have searched a lot on google but I am not a programmer and my English is very basic so it is very difficult for me to understand how appgyver works.
If you could give me an example it would be more helpful.
Thanks again!

Hi @Judith_Gutierrez

I did a quick example for you. A created a Page Variable called “random” and when the app starts a function set a random number between 1 and 3 for it. Then you’ll see three IF statements, one for each option (1 to 3), opening a specific page depending on the random number generated.

I hope it’s clear enough for you.

AppGyver is a no-code/low-code solution, but still requires a lot of programing logic skills :slight_smile:


Here is a video of how I would solve this:


Perfect!!! It worked, thank you very much @matheuszeuch :hugs:!!!

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Perfect!!! It worked, thank you very much @Adam_Wike :hugs:!!!