Open Page navigation is not working from composite component

I have created a composite component where a button click will take user to a different page.
Below are the steps I followed:
Component template editor

  1. In my composite component I have added a property with value type “Page ID”.
  2. In composite component button event I have added a Open Page Navigation which is bind to Page ID property.
    Now exited the template editor view
  3. For Page ID property I bind the page where I want to navigate.

Output- Its navigating without the page ID causing 404 error.
Can someone tell me how Navigation works in composite component?

Hi, you can’t access the context of a certain page inside a component template, since the component could be on any page.

This guide by @Dimos_Vamvourellis explains how you can expose the event outside the component:


Thanks @Mari , It helped :slight_smile:

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