Open page not working unless I click the menu button twice

So I created a page that calls a second page. This worked perfectly until yesterday. Now for an unknown reason when I open the app and go one of the navigation page buttons, and click a button within that page which calls a second page, nothing happens. but if I click the navigation page button a second time, then click the button within the page, it works and opens the second page. Very strange but possibly something I broke.
Has anyone seen this before?

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I have the exact same problem!
My Buttons and “open page” logics don’t work unless I switch to another page and then back. It works in the browser-preview but not in the preview app on IOS.
Also same as above - it worked until like two days ago and stopped working then.
I also did a rollback of my app and that didn’t work either.


I’ve tried “declaring” variables, removing controls, reverting versions, and nothing appears to be working. Seems like something is stuck behind the scenes on this one…?

Ditto, having the exact same problem. I think a bug was introduced to the Open Page module recently. I filed a bug report for it here: "Open page" doesn't work on Android Preview app | Voters | AppGyver