Open Page Not Working

Hi guys!

I tried to follow along with a tutorial to fix a authorization system in AppGyver.
I completely skipped the part for persistedUser, as that is not explained clearly in the guide (text is missing), but I figured it should work without that part as well (I am completely not a coder, so please correct me if I am wrong).

Anyway, I now made a login page, which refers to the signup page if you tap a paragraph component. Though, when I test it out with my debugger, the app just keeps showing the spinner.image

That’s not the only problem, because the same thing happens when I try to login with actually existing user credentials

It seems like something is wrong with the “open page” command in the flow…
Can anyone help me out?

To solve issue with spinner:

  1. You will need to hide the spinner after setting the app variable.
  2. You will also need to hide spinner if create record fails.

To store authToken (persistedUser) on device, the login button logic:

  1. create record => set app variable = set item to storage => dismiss initial view

for page logic:

  1. get item from storage => get record => set app variable => dismiss initial view

Thanks for your quick response!
The only problem I have, is that I cannot store the persistedUser resource (check screenshot below),

while that is exactly what the tutorial says

Hi All,
I am having the same problem with “open page” function in that it did not open the page on both Android and iPhone when button component is tapped, logic flow is shown on the screenshot below:

Appreciate any help and advice please.

Many thanks!

@Leon check the toggle button “Allow page to be opened without authentication” it should be enabled.

Hi @Ankur_Khandelwal, many thanks for your response but where is the toggle button located as I could not find it under the properties section or top menu bar?
Appreciate your kind advice please.

Hi @Ankur_Khandelwal, I found toggle button after checking the documentation and it works as expected.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Leon,

What documentation did you check out?

Hi @jordan_vd_berk, i checked the Appgyver doc on “Authentication” under “Data” section, see below link.


thanks @Leon it worked indeed!

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Thanks very much, Leon it works for me