Open page without authentication Not Working

I just noticed, that the feature to open page without authentication in webapp, is not working,
Someone please confirm
Also, this happens only when the app is built, everything works in the composer

in the 4.2.12 runtime

& in the 4.3.3

In the 4.1.6 runtime it works

Can you give details of the steps?
The open page flow function works fine without auth. How can we reproduce your error?

Like this:
create 2 pages
enable auth
choose the option open page without auth for both and make the initial page one of those two pages (not the firebase auth one)
then build the webapp with one of these runtimes

in the 4.2.12 runtime
& in the 4.3.3

And try to go for ex in the firebase auth page it wont open it

then build with this
In the 4.1.6 runtime it works

And it opens the page

Let me know

It has changed in recent version of Composer.

Page excluded from Auth can be open in Web preview but if a page has params handed over in page call then it doesn’t work. If you pass auth then it works fine. This is still bug only visible in web previous. Android and IOS preview in app works as expected.

Thats true, its been a long time that this bug exists.